Golden Chip

Golden Chip Company (GCC) offers the following Products: 

  • Smart Card.
  • Magnetic Stripe Card.
  • Regular Card.
  • RFID Card.
  • Scratch Card.
  • Personalization

    Card personalization (including full color thermal printing, embossing, laserengraving, chip & magnetic stripe encoding )

  • Fulfillment

    Pin mailer printing, Packaging (along with customized inserts/coupons), mailing and delivery to end users. Our services can be tailored to satisfy your speci c requirements.

Our Vision
To be recognized as a Center of Excellence for Card Products, Services & Solutions as well as delivering a high level of Customer Satisfaction.
Our Mission
GCC aims at achieving a unique and leading role in the Smart cards industry for Middle East & Africa (MEA) region by meeting customer requirements.

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