We offer end to end Personalization and fulfillment solutions to meet every need. For card personalization services we offer Embossing, Indenting, thermal, laser and inkjet capabilities coupled with chip encoding and magnetic stripe encoding. Golden Chip offers complete solutions in Chip encoding and Chip profile configuration along with consultancy in this area.

EMV cards

Golden Chip offers personalization solutions for Financial/Banking (EMV cards). A typical EMV card personalization involves magnetic stripe encoding, contact/ contactless chip encoding, thermal printing, embossing, tipping and indenting. One of the most vital part of the EMV standards is the use of cryptographic technology to secure the data, communication and the chip encoding. Golden Chip has partnered with the industry leader Gemalto in providing us the necessary technology in this important process.

We also offer customized EMV profiles as well as a range of Chip choices to suit every requirement. Golden Chip also seamlessly offers MULTOS chip enablement

SIM cards: Golden Chip offers its SIM card personalization service to major Telecom companies in the regions. A typical SIM card comes with an embedded chip which can be broken from the main cardbody in the form of plugin so as to insert in the mobile device. The chip is encoded during the personalization process and the card is laser engraved with the unique card profile information.

Scratch card: The process involves personalizing a card using high speed inkjet technology with verifiable technology using an OCR process (optical character recognition). The secret information like the PIN number is then covered using a secure scratch panel or label. The scratch label could be generic or customized with the Customer logo to avoid tampering. We also offer scratch labels in holographic panels.

Services on offer:

  • Personalization Services
  • Personalization of EMV, dual interface (contact and contactless) cards
  • Enablement of Multos chips
  • Pre Perso services.
  • Embossing/Indenting
  • Encoding-Chip/ Magnetic Stripe
  • Inkjet Personalization
  • Laser Engraving
  • Barcode and numbering


Golden Chip is one of the first fulfillment service bureaus to offer card fulfillment services in Saudi Arabia, offering services to major Telecom Companies, Banks and Airlines. We offer a wide range of fulfillment solutions with a broad spectrum of packages and designs along with consultancy in this area.

Fulfillment Services:

  • We offer custom designed packages right from the design concept to finished product.
  • Personalization of Card Carrier/Application form
  • Complete gamut of Fulfillment Services
  • Affixing and insertion of card on fulfillment pack/media.